Tips for Developing a Successful iPhone or Android App

In the recent wave of startup companies that have popped up all over the globe, the importance of having a mobile friendly platform to connect with customers is increasing rapidly. While mobile app development is ever so common nowadays, there is no doubt a poorly developed mobile app can hinder your business. Here are some tips to developing a successful mobile app for your business:

Testing the app with customers is vital to its success.

Your customers’ desires more than what you want for the app. The mobile app is for them to use–not you. You need to understand the intentions of your customers through testing at a very deep level and place triggers on your mobile platform accordingly. If you live by this tip, you should have a solid grasp of your customers’ ideal user experience well before they start using the mobile app. If you don’t, then your conversion rates from visiting to actual purchase will be much lower than you anticipated. Many times a mobile application development agency like,, or will be able to conduct more extensive testing for your mobile app prior to the launch date to ensure it is more well received.

women creating a mobile app

Make it easy to use. Always.

Once you have a rough design ready, have someone that identifies as completely non-techincal try using it. You want to make sure the app is intuitive to use. Is it easy to find the checkout cart? Can users view product descriptions without loading pages? Be sure to take extensive notes, and pay attention to the places where users get stuck. With any Ios or Android app the sole concern should be whether or not it is convenient for customers to use and access. A beautiful  design with no convenient functionality equates to nothing because no customer would be willing to use it. It is difficult to know without app creation experience, what will be the most convenient for users and what their neuro triggers are, this is where consulting a professional app development company may come in handy.

Tailor your design for different users.

With app development, there is no one size fits all. What your iPhone users want will not be the same as what your Android users desire in their purchasing experience. By covering more platforms with their own tailored design, users will be more likely to access apps across multiple devices and platforms. From using a tablet to iPad to even a smartphone for everyday purchase, don’t let poor design turn your customers away from using any of your platforms. As a business owner, making your mobile app available, functional and useful to the customer should always be a priority. For companies that do not have in-house developers, consider outsourcing to a professional agency to consistently cover all your users mobile platforms instead of delegating separate platforms and risking miscommunication. Always be crystal clear in your mind about what goal it is you want to achieve and don’t be steered in the wrong direction by fancy features.