Preparing for Android App Development

Breaking Down Android Application Development

By now, most business people recognize that having an app for their business is hand holding a created android appone of the most effective advertising and marketing tools available. However, you may not have a clue as to how to get an android app for your business. Furthermore, you may not even know what all goes in to android app creation. That’s where app design companies enter the picture; you bring a few key ingredients to the table and android app development experts worry about all the little details of designing, creating, launching, running, and maintaining your company’s new mobile app.

What you Need:

1. A Concept

When an idea for an android application strikes you, before you spend money in getting a new app created, do a little research in the market and see how many other apps are available within the parameters of your concept. If there is no other app to fulfill the same needs, great: run with your idea. If there are other apps that do similar things, look at the possible competition and see where you can make improvements to offer better or more convenient features. Know what you want your android app to do and do it well. Keep the concept simple and easy to use.

2. A Brand

Branding is especially important if you already have a business and want your mobile app to be an extension of that business. Provide your app creation team with your company’s logo, color scheme, web address, and other materials associated with your brand; the app you create should carry through images and wording that reminds users of your business. And if you’re really good at branding, like the advertising team at Wal-Mart, something as simple as a smiley face will trigger instant associations with your business in the minds of millions of return customers.

3. A Target Audience

No matter what you are trying to sell, knowing your audience is important. If for example, you are creating an app for a doctor’s office, and the doctor treats diabetic patients, you will want to include features that will make it easier for patients to communicate medical needs with their doctor. You may want to incorporate a photo feature that allows patients to take a picture of a wound on their leg and send it to their doctor for review, or a chart tracking system that allows patients to enter in their glucose readings and food intake, track fluctuations, and send data to their physician in order to improve medication dosages and dietary recommendations

To create an app that everyone will use, you need a few key ingredients. Develop a good concept that fulfills a need not already being met by phone, on paper, or online. Make the concept simple so that it will be mobile friendly and easy to use on a small screen. Integrate tools that are available on mobile devices to increase the usefulness of your app. Brand the app so that it reminds customers of your business by using established logo images, color schemes, and wording. And, lastly, know your target audience and what they need. If you have these main ingredients in hand, coding and design experts can develop an app to suit yours and your customers’ needs.